Punishment (Dirty Liam Payne Imagine)

Punishment (Dirty Liam Imagine for Jessica)


You looked at the clock on your phone. 11:23pm.


You were having so much fun on your girls night out, that you forgot the plans you and Liam made. You were supposed to be home three hours ago, so you could catch the plane to Italy, where you would spend your one year anniversary.


You knew he was going to be pissed when you got home; the plane was supposed to leave in a couple of minutes; but you didnt really care.  Liam wouldnt do anything, he never did.


I think we should go now., your friend Natalie slurred as you tried to get the shot glass out of her hand. The club was in full swing, music blasting from each corner of the room.


People were grinding against each other, making out and almost shagging on the dancefloor. Things were getting out of control and you knew it was time to leave.


You swung Natalies hand around your neck and helped her towards the exit. The cold wind hit you in the face harshly as you pushed her into a cab and climbed in after her.


You told the driver her address and Natalie passed out halfway to her house.


When you got there, you just dropped her on the bed and made sure to lock the door with your spare key. When you arrived in front of your and Liams apartment building, it was past midnight, yet you were still awake.


You turned your key into the lock and opened the door to reveal a black apartment. You turned light and set your clutch on the coffee table, before attempting to kick of your heels. You were interrupted by a very angry Liam who came in the living room wearing nothing but  a pair of low waisted sweatpants and a white V-neck. His hair was up in  a small quiff, which meant that he actually spent time on his hair, so he could look good for your trip.


Where the HELL have you fucking been, Jessica?


You immediately knew he was as angry as he could get; he never called you Jessica.


I was out.




Uh…, you stuttered. What were you going to say? That you were out drinking with your friend Natalie (who Liam thought was a complete slag).


Di- DID you fuck someone?


What?, you exclaimed. I did NOT fuck anyone, LIAM!


You know our anniversary is tomorrow?


You nodded. Maybe you could get your way out of this.


Liam. Im sorry I know you spent a lot of money on our trip…, you started as you removed your coat. It was getting warm in the apartment.


I fucking DID!, he yelled and you threw your coat on the couch, running your hands through your hair.


Thats what you wore to the club? That fucking dress? I can see everything!


He took a step towards you and and you took a step back, discarding your heels.


Liam…, you tried to reason with him but his eyes turned dark. They ran along your body, taking in all your curves. His dark orbs looked down at your legs and then back up. Youve never seen him like this.


You tried to run past him and get to your bedroom, but he was faster and pushed you against the wall.


His crotch ground into yours and his hands found your wrists, pinning them next to your face.


Who did you shag, huh? Who was the dirty fucker that got to feel you huh? Tell me.


Liam I didnt-


His hand went down between your legs and cupped your sex, rubbing you roughly against your thong.


You moaned.


I think you need to be punished., he hotly whispered in your ear, before he pulled you by your wrist towards the bedroom.


You  were excited, but at the same time scared for what he was going to do.


He pushed you inside and stood at the door, not taking another step.


Im going to go and bring something, when I come back I want you in just your underwear, with your back at me, hands on the headboard and bent over.


Your eyes widened at his words, and you felt your core tingle at the anticipation of what was about to come.


You  pulled your dress over your head and climbed on the bed, doing exactly what he told you.


You heard footsteps down the hall. They stopped in front of the door and you gulped when the door opened. He placed something on the bed.


His hand stroked your back before it went down to your ass and squeezed it. You moaned and waited for him to slap you.


What did you do at the club?, he asked and you tried to answer him.




Did you fuck someone?




Li-liam I didnt-




You were getting sore and he continued slapping you, whilst you whimpered in both pleasure and hurt.


Will you ever disobey me again?, he asked and you shook your head.


What was that?, he asked in your ear.


No Liam.


Good girl., he whispered and stroked your arse before he ordered you to lay down on your back. You obeyed him and layed down on the sheets. You gasped when you saw that he was holding two silk ropes in his hand.


He never tied you up before.


Give me your wrists.


You did indeed and felt yourself get wetter by the moment.


He tied both of your wrists to each side of the bed post and traced your body with his fingertips from neck to your pussy. You bucked your hips, craving for his touch, but he pushed you down.


Behave., he said dominantly and rubbed your clit with two fingers in a circled motion.


He then took off his shirt and your eyes fell on his crotch, that showed off a defined bulge. He pulled his pants down, and you were dripping at the sight of his hard cock that sprang up.


He licked his lips and took his shaft into his hand, before climbing on the bed to straddle your hips. He slowly started pumping himself and looked down at your wet entrance.


Youre already wet for me you slut.


You got turned on by his dirty talk.


Im going to make you bed for it.


Your eyes widened and you lifted your hips, but once again, he pushed you down.


Im going to punish you like the little slut you are., he breathed and bend over to kiss on your neck.


Your skin burned everywhere he touched you and you wanted him inside you.


Liam please…, you begged.


Please what?


Please fuck me.


How bad do you want it?


You felt a tightening in your stomach as you stuttered:


S-so bad…please Liam.


He rubbed his tip against your folds and you shimmied as much as you could so you could touch him.




You screamed out his name as he suddenly rammed into you. He was thrusting inside of you so fast, you could barely keep up. He has never been this rough, but you liked it.


Are you ever going to bail on me, Jessica?


No…Liam., you moaned as he kept hitting your sweet spot over and over. His ten inch was massive inside of you and after tons and tons of sex, you still didnt get used to his size.


He gripped in the back of your thighs and hitched your legs up a bit so he would get a better angle.


You were seeing stars at the moment, the pleasure of your skin rubbing against his absolutely unreal.


L-Liam Im going to…, you started but was once again cut off by a sudden gesture. His hand came between you two and he hardly rubbed your clit, whispering dirty things in your ear. You liked this dominant, dark side of him, it turned you on more than anything else in the world.


Let me cum please…


Why should I?, he asked and you were about to release, when he pulled himself out and removed his hand.


You gasped, tortured. You were hanging by a thread, and you both knew that his next touch would send you over the edge.


Ill never disobey you Liam…please., you moaned and closed your eyes.


You arched your back when his hot tongue touched your core and climaxed on the spot. You opened your eyes to see him pumping himself whilst he swallowed all your juiced.


Shit, Jess., he growled and hot, white liquid shot on your stomach.


You licked your lips.


Do you want to taste?, he asked and slid a finger through his cum, bringing it to your lips. You sucked on his finger and he locked eyes with you as he rolled to your side and undid your restrains.


You rubbed your wrists and cleaned yourself up with some tissues that layed on the night stand.


He pulled a duvet over you two and pulled you into him.


Liam?, you asked looking up at him after he turned the light off.


What baby?


I think I will sneak out again.




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